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Happy 3 Month Anniversary :')
Tuesday, 4 June 2013 , 09:11 , 0 Comment[s]
3......2........1........Action! Happy 3 Month Anniversarry Shahrul Izuan Hakimi Bin Abdul Aziz :* wuuu already 3 month! Wow 3 month sayang . Macam tak percaya . Please lempang muka kita biyy? Kita mimpi or what? Hehek haa sayang dah 3 month dohh! So bahagia tak dengan kita? hehe :* Alolo taknak cakap panjang panjang just watch this video . I make this special for you . Even busy gilaa tapi sempat tau buat video ni . Full of love :* ILOVEYOUSOMUCH babyboy :* *double hug* *double kiss*