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Thanks God :')
Sunday, 7 April 2013 , 14:09 , 0 Comment[s]
Ya Allah happy nyaaaa harini happy sangat sangat . Thanks god dah makbulkan doa ku . Thanks god dah dengar setiap rintihan ku setiap hari . Rasa macam nak menangis nak gelak nak menjerit nak melompat sampai ke bulan semua ada . hehe guess what ? hmm I'm already taken! taken with someone that Ilovesodamnmuch, someone that I'm waiting before this :* nak tahu siapa ? nak tahu tak ? nak ?

taraaaa *background music* ni laa someone yang special tu , Shahrul Izuan Hakimi Bin Abdul Aziz wuuu omeyy kan omeyy kan ? please jealous guys haha :p Monday 8.4.2013 2.46am I'm yours sayang . wuu kimmy ni jahat sangat serious jahat . dia dah buat fara menangis tahu tak ? tapi dia sweet time dia purpose fara tuu :') Sayang why you so sweet , I'm melting ting ting >< Biyy Iloveyousofuckingdamnmuch and I hope you're the last one . my last love . I wanna forever with you . please dont leave me :') you know what sayang ? dah lama I tunggu you purpose I tahu tak ? finally you're mine forever and ever . Ingat janji kita sayang :') Now awak milik saya dan saya milik awak babyboo :* I can't imagine if you tinggalkan I sayang . I just want you and ONLY YOU biyy :* Kimmy , saya sayang awak sangat sangat sangat tau muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :*

Dear hater , please do your own business and stop nak rosakan relay orang . I love him so don't stole him from me please . Thankyou :)